Video Game Profile – Def Jam: Fight for NY

Def_Jam_Fight_for_NYWant to play a game that fits the theme of this blog perfectly? Pick up a copy of Def Jam: Fight For NY! If you’ve never heard of the game before, hold on to your seats, because it combines both the Hip Hop culture and gaming into one fun, entertaining, and engaging video game. The game featured some of the biggest names in Hip Hop at the time of its release in 2004, including Snoop Dogg, Ludacris, Busta Rhymes, Method Man, Fat Joe, and Xzibit. Essentially it’s a fighting game, where you can unlock rappers including the ones stated above, and various celebrities like Carmen Electra and Danny Trejo, and pit them against each other. Initially there is a story that you must play through, where you make your own character and you fight your way up the ranks of the underground street fighting ring in New York. You must complete the story in order to unlock the featured celebrities and rappers, but trust me, it’s worth it. Each character has their own distinct fighting style, which allows the game to not be stale, providing a different experience for each fight, and gives the player a chance to master each style. I remember spending hours at my best friend’s house playing this game, and boy did it get heated. The gameplay is easy to pick up, but hard to master, and since it was my friend’s game, I constantly found myself getting frustrated trying to beat him. I ended up getting the game as well for my own console, and I practiced and practiced with Ludacris’ character until I finally was able to beat him consistently. I’ve had loads of fun with this game, and even though it is a bit old, it holds up well and you can probably find a cheap copy at flea markets or pay a bit more for it online.

Overall, I rate the game 8.5/10: I highly recommend it.

Find it for XBOX, PS2, and Gamecube:

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Below is a trailer for the game:

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